Mississippi Beta was founded as a colony on March 4, 1990. After months of interviewing hundreds of interested prospects, twenty-four young men were extended invitations to become the founding fathers of the Mississippi Beta colony. That spring, the colony members became friends, held their first parties, and began work on one of their greatest challenges--Fall Rush.

The first pledge class of Phi Delta Theta at Mississippi State boasted 17 young men, and the campus knew they were here to stay. That semester was full of firsts--the first little brothers, the first football game parties, the first traditions--but this was only the beginning.

In March of 1991, the Mississippi Beta colony petitioned Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters and was granted its charter after only 12 months as a colony--the fastest chartering of any colony in the 150+ year history of Phi Delta Theta. Initiation was held on April 19, 1991, and the Mississippi Beta Chapter was welcomed into the Greek community at Mississippi State University. Our accomplishments as a colony gave us tremendous confidence in our chapter, and we have never looked back.

The chapter obtained a house on campus, but was looking to move to the row.  After staying in the original house for several years, chapter members were given an opportunity to move into the house owned by the ailing Phi Kappa Tau chapter. The next year, the Phi Tau's went under and we were offered the opportunity of purchasing their house, which we accepted. The house has since undergone an extensive renovation.

Our membership has since tripled, our presence on campus has flourished, and our academics have remained strong.  We have had many members serve in such highly regarded positions as Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Student Body Attorney General, Senior Class President, Orientation Leaders, Roadrunner President and Vice President, and Alumni Delegates.  Many of our graduating seniors often receive Who's Who awards, a distinction given to the top 100 State graduates in recognition to their dedication to the university and the community.

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"One man is no man."